LoRa Solar Tracking Unit

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Lat-Lon's LoRa Solar Tracking Unit (LoRa-STU) is a self-contained solar-powered device that has no cellular modem like our other units. Instead, LoRa-STUs send messages to one or multiple gateway(s) that use cellular to transmit securely to back-end servers. This drastically reduces data fees typical of GPS products.  

Units send messages to gateways up to a mile away and can store over 5000 messages while out of range. Messages are created as frequently as every 10 minutes and are relayed in real-time when in proximity to a gateway or stored for later transmission.

With numerous applications for the LoRa-STU, some examples include:

  • Real-time monitoring within a yard or maintenance facility
  • Railcar monitoring transmitting from railyards
  • Truck monitoring 
  • Real-time construction site monitoring
  • Real-time barge monitoring with gateways on towboats and at barge terminals

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Watch FastCast to learn more about LoRa and how it differs from other forms of communication along with its Rail Industry applications.