About Us

About Lat-Lon

More Than Latitude & Longitude

Lat-Lon, a BSM Technologies company, provides wireless GPS tracking and monitoring solutions for mobile assets in many industries including rail, trucking, marine, intermodal, and direct to manufacturers.  Devices are available for both powered and non-powered assets, with custom sensor options to accommodate a variety of applications. Real-time data can be viewed using Lat-Lon's web-based fleet management reporting and mapping tools. Since 1999, Lat-Lon has established itself as an innovator in monitoring technology, data analytics, and customer service.



The Trusted Standard in Tracking and Monitoring Mobile Assets

  • Proven and patented technology, ten plus years in development and testing
  • Ongoing research and development
  • Continual platform enhancements, new releases with additional products and services
  • Global reach
  • Low lifetime costs
  • Fast return on investment
  • Transportation, communications, data management, manufacturing, customer service expertise
  • Profitable with a growing customer base


Brand Name Customers

Our customers include the largest North American railroads and major manufacturers and shippers of chemicals, power generation equipment, and agricultural commodities. Lat-Lon continues to grow its customer base in many different industries.


Iowa Interstate
Union Pacific


ABB, Inc.
GE Energy
General Motors
Waukesha Electric Systems

Chemical Companies

Arizona Chemical
Olin Corporation

Trucking/ Fleet

RC Willey
Mammoet USA, Inc.
Western Dairy
PEP Move