Conrail Revamps Rail Yard with Lat-Lon GPS Devices

Conrail’s Pavonia Yard has recently been featured in Progressive Railroading Magazine for its $5.3 million makeover project that was started in 2012. The transformation included a thorough physical redesign of the traditional electro-pneumatic gravity hump and re-engineering of the yard’s processes. Moreover, the addition of Lat-Lon GPS devices to the 1.5-mile-long facility allows for monitoring  of all static and mobile assets in real time. Today, the project is nearly complete and Conrail leader Ron Batory notes higher productivity, improved safety, and ability to meet service requirements with less visibility.

Lat-Lon collaborated with Conrail to develop a wireless, GPS-based yard monitoring system for Pavonia Yard. The system is designed to gather and display GPS data from all yard assets using Lat-Lon Locomotive Monitoring Units (LMU), wireless sensors, Solar Tracking Units (STU), and GPS-equipped radios from Icon America Inc. Employees, locomotives, yard vehicles, switches, derails and blue flags are monitored in real time via a more reliable mesh network instead of a hub-and-spoke network.

Find out more by reading the complete article in Progressive Railroading.

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