Connected Rail Yard

Complete Rail Yard Visibility

Lat-Lon has created the ultimate solution for rail yard visibility, Connected Rail Yard.  Watch your yard on-screen with icons representing everything from crew location to switch position.  Improve safety, security and throughput with real-time visibility.


  • Crew Members
  • Locomotives
  • Rail Cars
  • MOW Vehicles
  • Switch Position
  • Foul Point
  • Blue Flag
  • Fixed Derail


Mesh technology makes it possible to have hundreds of reporting points throughout a yard at a lower operating expense.  Sensors installed on fixed objects within the yard pass data along like a bucket brigade, creating a network with multiple paths to an access point.  The Solar-Powered Access Point Unit (AP) contains a modem which then uploads the data to secure servers and train dispatcher screens.  Equating to fewer modems needed, while gathering more data.

Moving equipment and personnel can also be tracked on-screen. Through individual sensors carried on-person, a running man image appears, offering proximity awareness and increased productivity.  Plus, stand-alone Lat-Lon reporting units, Locomotive Monitoring Units, Solar-Powered Tracking Units, or Equipment Monitoring Units are incorporated upon entering the yard.


Connected Rail Yard generates two large screen displays.  A custom Tracks screen is a schematic of the yard with all fixed assets as icons in the normal, diverting position, or unknown status.  The second screen, Real-Time, is a satellite image of the yard with all moving assets represented as icons.  Four smaller reporting screens can be included on the satellite monitor: all moving asset alerts, weather updates, and two zoom-in images featuring watch location, or follow an asset.  As a new level of remote monitoring, the Connected Rail Yard by Lat-Lon enables yard managers to have a comprehensive view of the yard to enhance safety and increase productivity.  

Download Connected Rail Yard Brochure