GPS Products

Lat-Lon's GPS monitoring equipment has logged hundreds of millions of miles under some of the harshest environmental and operating conditions. With our demonstrated performance in the field and simple installation and maintenance, you can be assured that Lat-Lon hardware can go the distance.
Our GPS products include:

LoRa Asset Tracking and Monitoring

LoRa Micro Tracking Unit

At a fraction of the cost and size, the LoRa-MTU adds to Lat-Lon's LoRa lineup.


LoRa Asset Tracking and Monitoring

LoRa Solar Tracking Unit

Detailed tracking at a fraction of the cost, enabled via LoRa.


Solar GPS Tracking Device

Solar Tracking Unit

Don't worry about battery replacement with our powerful solar-powered GPS monitoring system.


Compact Solar Tracking Device

Compact Tracking Unit

A slimmer solar-powered GPS tracking unit. Ideal for containers.


Locomotive tracker with fuel probe

Locomotive Monitoring Unit

Get critical information and status updates with our RailRider™ tracking unit.