GPS Products & Sensors

Knowledge of the condition, location and performance of industrial assets is essential to running a safe, efficient, and profitable business. Through GPS monitoring technology, Lat-Lon provides real-time information and unlimited access to data that can be integrated into existing software systems or viewed on a desktop or mobile device.
Our GPS products include:

Small LoRa GPS device

LoRa Micro Tracking Unit

The LoRa-MTU is our smallest solar-powered unit yet. It uses LoRa technology to send messages to Gateways, just like our LoRa-STU, which minimizes data fees.

Sensors Available:

  • One Analog or Digital

If more sensors are wanted, check out the LoRa-STU


LoRa Tracking for Railcars, Trucks, and Barges

LoRa Solar Tracking Unit

The LoRa-STU provides a new way to track assets. Instead of a cellular modem, this device uses LoRa to send messages to Gateways. It allows for network customization and minimal data fees.

Sensors Available:


Solar Tracking for Railcars, Trucks, and Barges

Solar Tracking Unit

This self-contained device uses patented solar-powered technology to self-charge, allowing sensors to report day or night and deliver more messages over the lifetime of the product.

Sensors Available:

Hazardous Location Option Available


Compact Solar Tracking for Containers and other non-powered assets

Compact Tracking Unit

A compact version of the Solar Tracking Unit (STU), this slim unit harnesses the technology tried and tested by the STU. The CTU is self-contained and fits in tight spaces, such as the grooves of a container.

Sensors Available:


Locomotive Monitoring with numerous sensor options, including fuel

Locomotive Monitoring Unit

Get critical information and status updates with our RailRider™ tracking unit.

Sensors Available:


Mesh RF Sensor

MeshRF Technology

With Mesh technology, receive a complete view of your equipment at a lower cost, all while increasing productivity and visibility of assets. 


  • Any Non-Powered or Powered Object. Moving or Stationary
  • Crew Members
  • Locomotives
  • Rail Cars
  • Trucks
  • Containers


Monitor all rail yard assets on screen

Connected Rail Yard

Total on-screen visibility of the moving parts of your yard with our Connected Rail Yard Hardware and Software Solutions.



Vehicle and Equipment Monitoring

Vehicle & Equipment Monitoring Unit

Always be in the know about the status, condition and location of your equipment with our wireless monitoring system.

Sensors Available: