Locomotive Monitoring Unit

RailRider™ Locomotive Tracking Unit

With the RailRider on-board you’ll experience many benefits:

  • Improve locomotive utilization
  • Reduce locomotive dwell and idle times
  • Eliminate dump valve releases
  • Improve fuel management
  • Gain visibility into dark territory
  • Improve one-man crew safety
  • Improve crew productivity

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Improve Locomotive Productivity

The RailRider can immediately provide you with useful productivity information:

  • Engine start and stop times
  • Moving begin and end times and locations
  • Move timed messages (every “x” minutes) to know current location and status. A separate Dispatch screen can be viewed that shows current locomotive position, speed, direction, etc.
  • Tripwire creates a virtual line that can be drawn anywhere on a map in any orientation. When a locomotive crosses the tripwire then a message is created giving a precise time when the tripwire was crossed. It is a superior solution to a geofence because it can be used in tight places where you want to identify just one track or road.

Be Notified with Alarm Messages

Alarm thresholds can be configured to send an immediate message via e-mail or any mobile device. All alarms and alarm thresholds can be set-up and updated at any time from your computer. Examples of alarm messages include:

  • Temperature–Sends immediate message when temperature crosses your defined threshold
  • Over-speed–Sends an immediate message when the equipment exceeds a certain speed
  • Digital message–Sends an immediate message when state changes, such as an open door or hatch
  • Impact–Sends an immediate message when the G threshold is reached

Get Current GPS and Sensor Status

The RailRider will constantly monitor the GPS and other installed sensors. When the unit sends a report it will contain the following data:

  • Date/time
  • Engine run status
  • Location (latitude, longitude, distance/direction from nearest town)
  • Hobbs counter
  • Battery voltage
  • Report type (reason for report)
  • Coolant temperature
  • Speed
  • Fuel level
  • Maximum speed
  • 12 digital inputs
  • Distance
  • Course (heading)

RailRider Features

  • 74-volt isolated power
  • Rugged, weather-proof encasing
  • Tracking data (date, time, location, nearest town, speed, course, etc.)
  • Health data (battery voltage, coolant temperature, engine hours, etc.)
  • Fuel level
  • 3 axis impact detection
  • 12 isolated digital inputs (e.g., man-down alarms, low oil)
  • 4 isolated analog inputs
  • Detect excessive coupling events
  • 2 control relays (remote start, emergency stop, etc.)
  • Passive and active geo-fencing
  • Customizable reports
  • Street level and aerial mapping
  • Over-the-air programming