LoRa Micro Tracking Unit

Reducing Size and Data Fees

The LoRa Micro Tracking Unit (LoRa-MTU) is the smallest Lat-Lon unit, a self-contained solar-powered device that has no cellular modem. Instead, LoRa-MTUs send messages to one or more gateway(s) that transmit securely to back-end servers. This drastically reduces data fees typical of GPS products. 

LoRa MTU's send messages to gateways up to a mile away and can store over 5000 messages while out of range. Messages are created as frequently as every 10 minutes and are relayed in real-time when in proximity to a gateway or stored for later transmission.

The LoRa-MTU offers the newest, and smallest version for low-cost asset location applications.  You'll get updates on where an asset is, how fast it is going, when it is in a certain geofence, etc.  This data can be used to increase operational efficiency, enhance safety, and improve customer satisfaction.  The LoRa MTU is ideal for many different applications like real-time location of assets in yards and construction sites, delayed location data from mobile assets that leave and return to factories and railyards.

Download LoRa MTU Brochure

Sensor Options:

One analog or digital sensor can be added; contact sales@lat-lon.com for more information.  If you are interested in a LoRa unit with multiple sensors, check out the LoRa-STU.