Solar Tracking Unit

Lat-Lon has combined many popular capabilities into one solar-powered GPS monitoring system that provides more information than ever before. Today’s fleet manager needs to know the condition and location of their shipments at any given time. Lat-Lon’s Solar Tracking Unit monitors and protects your shipments by providing critical information through various sensors:

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The Solar Advantage

As long as the sun shines, either direct or indirect, the Solar Tracking Unit will be replenished with more power. Unlike battery-operated systems, the patented Solar Tracking Unit sends out dozens of important messages a day. The unit has a longer life than traditional battery systems. Lat Lon's patented three stage power model produces greater power, which delivers more frequent user data.  Additionally, Lat Lon's power design will not degrade over time like other simple, rechargeable systems.

Built-in Intelligence

The Solar Tracking Units know if they are stopped or in motion. When moving, the unit sends location reports up to every 10 minutes. Alarms, including impacts, are sent out in real-time and can be sent directly to your cell phone. The Solar Tracking Unit doesn’t have to conserve power like battery systems and can give you better visibility to the how, when and where of your shipment.

Solar Tracking Unit Features

  • Magnetic mount for easy installation
  • Rugged design for durability
  • External battery option for quick charge after storage
  • 10Hz and 100Hz filtered G values to show the true nature of an impact
  • Elapse time between GPS fix and alarm trigger for precisely locating alarm events
  • Smart control logic for frequent reports when moving