MeshRF Sensor

With Mesh technology, receive a complete view of your equipment at a lower cost, all while increasing productivity and visibility of assets. MeshRF sensors are installed on equipment and pass data along, similar to a bucket brigade, to a Solar-Powered Access Point Unit (AP) which contains a modem. The Access Point then uploads data to secure servers and on-screen where you can view moving sensors in real-time on a satellite image or stationary sensors on a map. With MeshRF Sensor technology, you can monitor:

  • Any Non-Powered or Powered Object. Moving or Stationary
  • Crew members
  • Locomotives
  • Rail Cars
  • Trucks

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Mesh Network

Mesh Technology creates a network with hundreds of reporting points at a lower operating expense. This self-governing communication automatically maintains the best reporting route for each sensor. If a mesh sensor is removed or destroyed, the units will automatically re-route to maintain data flow.


Mesh RF sensors don’t require battery replacement thanks to the integrated solar panel on each unit. With our self-charging patented power system, sensors can report day or night and deliver more messages, enhancing product longevity and requiring zero downtime.


Easy to install or transfer, the Lat-Lon Mesh RF Sensors are self-contained units and require no special tools.

MeshRF Technology