Our Approach

Remote Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Knowledge of the condition, location and performance of your industrial assets is essential to running an efficient and profitable business. Through wireless GPS monitoring technology, Lat-Lon brings you real-time information about your assets and makes it all easily accessible from your computer or mobile device. Armed with accurate information you can take action to:

  • Increase asset utilization
  • Improve security and safety
  • Extend equipment life
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Rugged, Durable Equipment

We design and build our equipment from the ground up for industrial environments. All of our hardware must pass rigorous in-house testing that exceeds industry specifications, making it waterproof, shock resistant, and certified for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations. Our monitoring hardware can withstand the harshest environments and operate under the most demanding conditions.  

The Solar Advantage

Our monitoring hardware is self-charging with dual integrated solar panels. So as long as the sun shines, either direct or indirect, it gets replenished with more power year after year.  And you don't incur downtime and expense for battery replacement. Our devices are able to send more data so to keep you better informed.

Reliable and Scalable Communication Technologies

Depending on your business needs, we customize the wireless technology used to communicate your fleet

  • Cellular for economic and reliable terrestrial coverage
  • RF systems for local wireless networks
  • Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) using LoRa for minimal data fees.

With all of these technologies, tracking and status information can be integrated with your existing fleet
management software or accessed through our Web reporting system.

Actionable Information

Lat-Lon customers are given all the tools they need to manage their fleet online. There is no software to install. All you need is an Internet connected computer or mobile device. Our Web reporting system can be accessed 24/7 via password-protected accounts. Our systems can also integrate with existing fleet management software through industry standard IP/XML data exchange.

Return on Your Investment

Our customers include the largest North American railroads, major manufacturers and shippers of chemicals,power generation equipment and agricultural commodities. As a leading provider of industrial wireless technology, we make complex technologies more reliable, efficient and economical. With millions of miles of tested performance, our customers experience a quick payback on their investment.