Barge Tracking

Lat-Lon’s barge monitoring system provides substantial advantages over existing wireless GPS systems. Our unique solar-powered barge tracker is ideal with its rugged, self-contained weather-proof enclosure. With wireless sensors, installation is quick and cost effective.

Top 5 Reasons to Track

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Real-Time Updates

The patented solar power system gives the unit more power to communicate more messages. This gives you up-to-the-minute updates on location and status reports. A live real-time dispatch map shows all barges with their location and status.

Monitor Hazardous Materials

Lat-Lon can help you better monitor the transportation of hazardous materials and meet Homeland Security standards. Our wireless monitoring system gives you critical information about your barges, including:

  • Timely updates of fleet location
  • Security breach
  • Chemical release notification
  • Impact monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Tilt sensors

Timely Messaging and Reporting

Lat-Lon’s barge tracking and monitoring is an intelligent system designed to give you the information you need.

The data points you want to track (i.e., call in times, temperature thresholds, impact settings) can be remotely
changed or updated from your computer.

Customizable Reports—can be built for your needs and viewed online or exported to Excel.

Virtual Earth Mapping—shows the location and status of your barges along with local roads, towns and waterways. Aerial views and bird’s eye views are available and can provide valuable real-world views
of locations. This makes it easy to track your assets, pinpoint an event location and quickly notify the appropriate personnel if a problem develops.

Event-Triggered Alarms—provide immediate notification by e-mail or text message when the sensors detect an alarm condition.

Quick Summary