Lat-Lon's RailRider™ locomotive monitoring system brings you critical information about your most valuable rail assets, including:

  • GPS location (current and historical, with point-to-point odometer)
  • Speed
  • Over-speed impacts
  • Fuel level
  • Engine run time
  • Battery voltage
  • Coolant under / over temperature alarm
  • Automatic engine start capability

Download Locomotive Brochure

Download Automatic Engine Start / Stop Brochure

Act on Real-Time Information

You receive messages in real-time when events occur on the locomotive. Message frequency automatically changes depending whether the locomotive is moving or stopped. You can adjust the time intervals to fit your requirements. For example, every 5 minutes you can be informed of the locomotive’s current location, status, position, speed and direction.

Specific Data to Improve Productivity

The RailRider’s™ Tripwire feature allows you to identify just one track. It creates a virtual line that can be drawn anywhere on a map in any orientation. When a locomotive crosses the tripwire, a message is created giving a precise time when the tripwire was crossed.

Timely Messaging and Reporting

Lat-Lon’s locomotive tracking and monitoring is an intelligent system designed to give you the information you need. The data points you want to track (i.e., call in times, temperature thresholds, impact settings) can be remotely changed or updated from your computer.

Customizable Reports—can be built for your needs and viewed online, on your cell phone or exported to Excel.

Virtual Earth Mapping—helps you locate locomotives immediately and see their status (moving, stopped and direction).

Event-Triggered Alarms—provide immediate notification by e-mail or text message when certain events occur. Alarm conditions can be modified at any time directly from your computer.

Asset Maintenance—schedules can be set-up based on the reported engine hours and mileage so your
locomotives are always ready to run.

Geo-Fence Capabilities—over 1000 locations can be stored in the unit to create a message when the locomotive gets within a geo-fence location. These locations can be changed or updated remotely from your computer.