Tank Car

Our railcar monitor informs you about critical events, such as:

  • Chemical release
  • Security breach (open door / open hatch)
  • Overspeed impact / truck hunting
  • Load temperature
  • Hot bearing
  • GPS location (current and historical, with point-to-point odometer)
  • Speed

Download Solar Tracking Unit Brochure

Download Chemical by Rail Brochure

Increased Visibility into your Assets

You know when the car was loaded, when it left your plant, where the car is in route, when it got to the distribution center, when it got to the customer, when the customer unloaded the car, and if the car is in a HTUA. And if a problem occurs, you’re immediately notified with our event-based alarms.

Self-Contained, Solar Powered

Our rugged solar tracking unit uses a patented solar powered system so there’s no downtime and no batteries to change. Installation is simple, and the unit can be mounted on the inside or outside of the car.

Wireless Flexibility with Eyes

With a variety of sensor configurations, the tankcar tracking unit is flexible to meet your needs.  Options include
a three axis impact sensor and up to 10 wireless sensors for temperature, tilt, and proximity switch for doors,
hatches or valves, and hand brake.  A built in camera can give you photographic evidence of your tank cars condition.

Timely Messaging and Reporting

With more power comes more data which provides more up-to-date data to better run your business.

Customizable Reports—can be built for your needs and viewed online or exported to Excel.

Virtual Earth Mapping— shows the location and status of your railcars. Aerial views are available and can provide valuable real world views of locations. This makes it easy to track your assets, pinpoint an event
location, and quickly notify the appropriate personnel if a problem develops.

Real-time Photos—can be taken on demand from your computer or can be triggered by sensors at the site.

Event-Triggered Alarms—provide immediate notification by e-mail or text message when the sensors detect an alarm condition.