Gain Visibility into Cargo Movements

Heightened security concerns make Lat-Lon's tracking and monitoring equipment more essential than ever, and our global tracking technology means you'll never be out of touch. With in-transit visibility, you can better determine delivery times and respond quickly to changes. Built-in monitoring capabilities include:

  • Open door / break wire event
  • Harsh impact and tilt (e.g. 1G, 3G)
  • Load and ambient temperature
  • GPS location (current and historical, with point-to-point odometer)

Download Compact/Container Tracking Brochure

Self-Contained, Solar Powered

Our rugged container tracking unit uses a patented solar powered system so there’s no downtime and no batteries to change. Installation is simple, and the unit can be mounted on the inside of the chassis to be concealed or on the ends or top of the trailer.

Timely Messaging and Reporting

Lat-Lon’s container tracking and monitoring is an intelligent system designed to give you the information you need. The data points you want to track (i.e., call in times, temperature thresholds, impact settings) can be remotely changed or updated from your computer.

Customizable Reports—can be built for your needs and viewed online or exported to Excel.

Virtual Earth Mapping— shows the location and status of your chassis /trailer along with local roads, towns and waterways. Aerial views are available and can provide valuable real-world views of locations. This makes it easy to track your assets, pinpoint an event location and quickly notify the appropriate personnel if a problem develops.

Event-Triggered Alarms—provide immediate notification by e-mail or text message when the sensors detect an alarm condition.