The Lat-Lon system administrator can change the operating rules of any unit at any time. For example, if the unit has an impact detection sensor, the administrator can change the parameters for that sensor (and any other sensors).

Lat-Lon has created a new level of “SMART” technology, Adaptive Device Configuration (ADC), which allows tracking and monitoring devices to now make decisions on their own. Instead of having to closely monitor and manually change reporting on a device, ADC makes it possible for users to easily manage reporting configuration and get automatic updates. With ADC,  users receive more timely data, reduce workload, and increase productivity. ADC technology is compatible with the latest version of Lat-Lon’s Solar Powered Tracking Units (STUs) and Compact Tracking Units (CTUs) to get automatic updates based on:

  • Location
  • Weather Data
  • Proximity to Set Points
  • Unit Status
  • Sensor Input

Lat-Lon’s user administration capabilities allow roles to be associated with each user of the system. The administrator controls the access each user has to each resource (reports, alerts, maps, geo-items,units).