Actionable Data

Our reporting tools turn location and sensor data into actionable information. Tabular reports and interactive maps present the data in a compact and easy-to-use format. Reports can be easily downloaded into Excel or text formats or downloaded to your in-house fleet management system.

Custom Report Builder

Using our Report Builder you can create an unlimited number of reports filtered to see as much or as little data as required. Reports can be customized to display different time zones and locations can be displayed on maps. Maps can be displayed as road, aerial and bird’s eye views to get as much detail as you need.

Fleet Management Reports

Our reporting system includes a variety of standard reports to help you analyze a variety of business issues, such as routing and productivity. Reports include:

  • Fleet Reports
  • Pooling Report
  • Dwell Report
  • History Report

Productivity Reports

  • Start Stop Report
  • Begin-End Report

Operational Reports

  • Fuel Summary Report
  • Idling Report

Maintenance Reports

  • Mileage Report
  • Impact Report